Cousins began as a photo workshop travel company, but is now excited to offer cooking, writing and yoga classes that compliment the experience! Each workshop is tailored to the country we visit and always has our 'giving back' model at the heart. 



35 year veteran photojournalist, Nance Ackerman teaches our photography workshops with a patient and artful eye. For each country, the workshop changes – in focus and scope. All class times are flexible, spontaneous moments are seized to produce the best experiences and images. All levels of photographic abilities are welcome and encouraged and Nance's teaching style is customized to your needs. From mindful photography, portraiture and documentary photography to master classes in Black and White, these workshops keep our students coming back time and again. While classes are offered daily when possible, and evening cocktail critiques are valuable, it's the ONE on ONE TIME INSTRUCTION TIME, that our travellers love. Early dawn walkabouts are best for the light and the private tutoring is a comfortable way to learn! The workshops are life-changing, relationship building and most of all...really fun. 

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Cousins writing workshops will transform aspects of the visual and sensual experiences of every participant’s daily photographic journey into words. We delve into our memory of that experience, writing about what we have seen and importantly how those observations have affected us. Guided by veteran journalist and yogi, Donna Nebenzahl, these writing exercises are ultimately a means of teaching participants how to tell their own stories, linking their photographic journey with their inner world, unearthing visual experiences that are often a doorway to our own life stories. Offered daily, when possible,  during the photo tour, these hour-long workshops offer a nurturing environment in which we discover how to use words to express visual memory and uncover, through reflecting on our photographic experiences, aspects of our authentic selves. We will also be offering yoga classes to interested workshop participants in the morning. Yoga classes can range from one to one-and-a-half hours, and follow traditional elements of yoga — breathing, relaxation, postures. 

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Foodie specialist and our Cousins' director, Laurie Nassif has decades of experience in the food industry and has a passion for photography and travel. She coordinates culinary experiences that take our travellers to the best local street food stalls, freshest markets and most authentic cooking classes. Food, as we know, defines a culture, and as our experiences are generally off the beaten path, we explore culture by preparing and sharing meals with our local hosts. From the hot spicy complexities of Sri Lankan fare, through the clean street Phō of Northern Vietnam, to the best tacos on the planet, Laurie will find it! Often joined by a local chef, Laurie weaves these classes into our photography workshops, but soon we will be offering a Foodie tour all on its' own!