Tourist go one way, we go the other.Discover a Mexico you never knew existed.Stay in an ancient Hacienda near a small Mayan village and savour the food fresh from the markets. 



The Real Yucatan

As the tourists go one way, we go the other, to find the magic of the Yucatan. We will enjoy daily life in a 17th Century Hacienda, next to a small Mayan village. We will visit ruins, stunning salt flats, have lunch with elders in the Mayan villages and participate in their rituals. Explore the city of Merida through a legendary photographer’s eyes and spend time with local artists. Give back to the community, with a school project and art lessons with children – make friends that last a lifetime in the Yucatan!
And to end your trip, a two day mixed media workshop that works for you!

Our NGO's in Mexico

Artistas de la Playa, a group of artists who support art in the Yucatan has been raising money for the children of the Yucatan, for years. They use the funds, raised by art sales and events, to support young artists and buy art supplies for the free workshops held every month in the villages of Chuburna and Chelem. The children have an exhibition every year where they sell their art to locals and visitors. 


Cost – $2700 usd
Guests – (10)
Arrival airport – Merida, Mexico, 1/2 hour transport. Cancun, Mexico 3 hour transport


Our Hacienda

Hacienda Petac

Quick Pack list

camera, sunscreen, bathing suit, school supplies for children, small art supplies.

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Travel level

Luxury, light walking




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Arrival Day. Merida or Cancun airports

Accommodations: Your home for the workshop will be the luxurious and magical oasis, Hacienda Petac

Sunday - Up early to capture the magic light on the nearby Mayan Village of Petac. Welcome class, meet the team and then a giving back project at the local school. Our Mayan hosts will have lunch with us and talk about the local Mayan traditions and rituals. Portrait sessions in the village for the afternoon.

Monday- We have a day trip to the remote ruins, cenotes and village of Mayapan - only frequented by archeologists and locals. We will enjoy a real mayan ritual, if we are lucky!.

Tuesday - Stunning day trip, to the off the beaten path artisan villages, the yellow city of Izamal and the salt flats near Telchac Puerto. Lunch at an elder's home in the small village of Xcambo.

Wednesday - We will spend the next two days in the tiny fishing village of Chuburna, giving back with children at an art centre, then starting our own art projects with local artists.

Thursday - Another day of art workshops, transferring your images onto metal, textiles or canvas and using other mediums to create a larger piece that will reflect your time here among the Maya. For those of you wishing to create a digital work of art, we will help you create a short multimedia experience, using video, audio and your stunning images.

Friday We head into Merida - the jewel city of the Yucatan - modern, cosmopolitan and bustling. We will spend the afternoon with the local legendary photographer, Humberto Guaste who will lead us through the magic that is Merida! A final dinner at our spectacular Hacienda and show of your work.

Saturday - Travel home - Flights back from Merida and Cancun. Safe journey!