Join us on a life-changing, spiritual and cultural adventure deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon. Shamanic ceremonies, village life and a journey of self exploration await.




A truly unique and immersive cultural experience - living with the Achuar people of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Theirs is one of the world's most intact indigenous civilizations and the rainforest where they make their home is one of the most pristine primary forests. Be a part of real village life, daily traditions and sacred ceremonies! Soak up Quito, one of the most beautiful cities in South America - nicknamed 'the open air museum', then on to the Andean highlands to visit the Caranqui Quichau people before descending into the rainforest. 

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The Pachamama Alliance works tirelessly with the Aboriginal people of the Amazon to help save their environment and way of life. Their "programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal and collective transformation that is the catalyst in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet."

(Photos courtesy and Steve Wallace)


FALL 2018

Cost – $4695* (Early Bird)
            $4995 (Regular)
Guests – (10-12)
Arrival airport – Quito


Kapawi Lodge


camera equipment, waterproof hiking/walking boots, quick dry layered clothing, rain poncho, modest bathing suit.


THE ACHUAR PEOPLE OF THE PASTAZA RIVER: A glimpse into their rainforest world


Comfortable Lodge and Haciendas, along with traditional hut and home stays, some strenuous walking, jungle/bugs/wildlife, sun, mud, rain. 

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Travel Day
Roundtrip airport:  Quito, Ecuador
Accommodations:    Cultura Manor

(Day 1: Quito to San Clemente)
Orientation meeting before heading north to the scenic Andean region of Otavalo. Artisan market displaying the crafts and culture of the Otavalan Quichua people. On to San Clemente,  an Indigenous-owned community-based project on the flanks of the Imbabura volcano. 
Accommodations: Host Family

(Day 2:  San Clemente )
Morning Class and documentary portraiture session
Join your family in making fresh corn tortillas and check out this unique communitys approach to agriculture. We will hike a mountain forest hike to learn about native medicinal plants, 
the Andean cosmo-vision, followed by a feast!
Accommodations: Host Family

(Day 3: San Clemente to Puyo)
One on ones with Nance in the village.
We leave the Andes and travel through the avenue of the volcanoes and the cloud forest
until we reach the gateway to the Amazon rainforest.
Accommodations: El Jardin

(Day 4:  Achuar territory in the ecolodge of Tiinkias, deep in the rainforest)
We fly deep into the Amazon rainforest to the Achuar village of Chichirat and walk to the Bobanaza River for a beautiful canoe ride down to the village of Tiinkias. Then we hike to the simple encampment built in traditional Achuar style that will be our home for the next three days and nights.
Accommodations: Open-walled structure, wooden platform bed, comfortable mat and mosquito nets.

(Day 5:  Achuar territory in the ecolodge of Tiinkias)
Early morning dream sharing ritual with Achuar families followed by time in the village. Here they weave, make ceramic bowls etc.  In the afternoon, well explore a beautiful black water lagoon in dugout canoes, swim in the natural pool close by the community, and have an Achuar feast from local foods!
Accommodations: same

(Day 6: Achuar territory in the village of Tiinkias)
One on one time with Nance
Morning class and then out on jungle walk to learn about medicinal plants, traditional forest
uses and the Achuar cosmology and spirituality. Later, a traditional ceremony
with an elder Achuar shaman. 

Accommodations: same

(Day 7:  Tiinkias ecolodge to Kapawi ecolodge)
Morning class
Then we head, by river, to the Kapawi Lodge. Great photo opportunities...but
the experience alone, is truly magical. 
Cocktail Critiques
Accommodations: Kapawi Lodge

(Day 8: Kapawi Ecolodge) 
One on one time with Nance
Morning Class and then relax and edit, soak up the serenity of Kapawi. Then we head out onto the river to swim, float in kayaks or canoes with the option of fishing and mingling with the legendary pink
river dolphin if we’re lucky. Evening night walk.
Accommodations: Kapawi Ecolodge

(Day 9 : Kapawi to Llanganates , Ecuador)  
One on ones with Nance.
Fly to the small town of Shell and bus to Hacienda Manteles in the Patate valley of the Andes, 
with a view to the Tungurahua volcano. Cocktail Critiques
Accommodations: Hacienda Manteles

(Day 10:  Llanganates, Ecuador)
Morning One on ones with Nance
Editing Class
We hike into the nearby Llanganates National Park, cloud forest and waterfalls!
Accommodations: Hacienda Manteles

(Day 11:  Llanganates to Quito, Ecuador )
After lunch at Hacienda Manteles, we’
ll drive back through the Avenue of the Volcanoes to Quito.

Farewell Dinner
Accommodations: Cultura Manor   

Farewellwell miss youSafe Journey!




*Price includes accommodations, instruction, meals, internal transport (bus & remote return flight deep into the rainforest). Does NOT include international airline tickets, tips to guides/drivers, alcohol, and participation in optional ceremony. 

When single room occupancy is available it will be an extra cost